CBC Supported Workshops

EcoInformatics Workshop (October 2002)

The CBC sponsored an EcoInformatics Workshop for data managers, students and faculty on October 28, 2002. The presenters were Dr. William Michener, Associate Director (Special Projects) of the Long Term Ecological Research Network Office at the University of New Mexico and former Program Director of Ecology in the Division of Biological Sciences at the NSF, and Dr. James Brunt, Associate Director (Information Management) of the Long Term Ecological Research Network Office at the University of New Mexico. They updated the growing environmental informatics group at Berkeley on new initiatives and national standards being developed for ecological informatics. These include the Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK), the Partnership for Biodiversity Informatics (PBI), and the Knowledge Network for BioComplexity (KNB). The follow up workshop, where hands on training in some informatics and database management was offered, was attended by graduate students, postdocs, informatics staff, and faculty from the Berkeley departments of Integrative Biology, Environmental Policy, Science and Management, Geography, Energy and Resources Group, Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as the Jepson Herbarium, the U.C. Herbarium, the Essig Museum of Entomology, the U.C. White Mountain Research Station, San Francisco State University, the Berkeley Forest Research stations, the U.C. Botanical Garden, the U.C. Museum of Paelontology, the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, the Center for Stable Isotpoe Biogeochemistry, and the new NSF Science and Technology Center, the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics.

Ecoinformatics Workshop follow-up (Spring 2003)

To follow up on the Ecoinformatics Workshop held in 2002, CBC arranged for four people currently working in this area to give a brief overview of their work and thge tools they are using to the weekly Ecolunch seminar series on campus. Presentations were made by

  • Mark Stromberg - Reserve Manager at Hastings Natural History Reservation
  • John Battles - Associate Professor Division of Ecosystem Science
  • Neo Martinez - Assistant Professor of Biology at the Romberg Tiburon Center of San Francisco State University
  • Rich Williams - postdoctoral researcher, San Francisco State University

NSF Angelo Planning Workshop (September 2003)

The CBC helped organize and provided logistical support for an NSF Planning Workshop held at The Angelo Reserve from 4-7 September 2003. The participants included twelve scientists from outside the University of California, seven faculty from three departments at UCB (one of whom was the campus Vice Chancellor for Research, and another the Director of the UC Systemwide NRS ) a Science Writer from the UC Natural Reserve System and the Director of the Hastings Natural History Reservation (also in the NRS. Following a general orientation to the site, guided field trips demonstrating ongoing research projects, and a day and a half of discussion, the review committee reached several recommendations for future research directions at the reserve and identified critical priorities for improvements to facilities and infrastructure.

Stream Food-Web and Nutrient Spiraling Workshop (April 25-29 2005)

Profs. Beth Boyer (U.C. Berkeley), Jacques Finlay (U. Minnesota) and Prof. Alex Flecker and Steve Thomas (Cornell Univ.) visited the Berkeley campus and the Angelo Reserve for a stream food-web and nutrient spiraling workshop. Alex Flecker gave a presentation on his work to a graduate class attended by graduate students from ESPM and IB and Steve Thomas then led a discussion on his work on nutrient spiraling in rivers, and its response to landscape variables. This was followed by a field trip to the Angelo Reserve. CBC sponsored the workshop, providing travel and food expenses.

Ecology and Management of California Grasslands Author's Conference and Writing Workshop (September 30-October 1, 2005)

The editors and authors of 'The Ecology and Management of California Grasslands', a book to be published by the University of California Press in 2007, held an Author's Conference and Writing Workshop at Bodega Marine Lab. Seventeen participants came to Bodega, representing approximately three-quarters of the chapters. The book will be an invaluable resource to scientists, habitat managers, and policy makers throughout the state. and highlights the biodiversity present in California's grasslands and the threats they face. CBC provided financial sponsorship for the meeting.