CBC Newsletter - Fall 2006

The CBC's position as an organized research unit at the University of California Berkeley has been renewed for a further five years following a successful review of the first five years of operation.

Currently supported projects
In Fall 2006 CBC provided further support for the Ecological Flora of California project. This is a new component of the Jepson Flora Project that will provide ecological information on the California flora.

CBC is a sponsor of the California Ecological Observatory Network (CalEON) - a regional network of field sites, natural history museums, and university labs.  In addition to contributing to the Caleon website CBC is sponsoring the 5th CalEON planning meeting at UC Berkeley in November 2006. 

CBC is supporting the development of interactive keys and photo identification guides for Berkeley Natural History Reserves in conjunction with graduate students and faculty in the ESSIG Museum of Entomology and the University and Jepson Herbaria.

CBC continues to sponsor the production of a weekly seminar listing of all ecology, evolution and environmental science seminars on vampus.

Projects we support
CBC has a small amount of funding available to support projects that further the mission of the CBC.
See the examples above or our list of past projects here. If you have a project that you would like supported then, in the first instance, send a brief (under 1 page) description of the project along with a list of current funding sources to John Latto, Academic Coordinator of the CBC.