Directions to Angelo Coast Range Reserve

Drive on 101 to Laytonville, 20 miles north of Willits. Turn left (west) on Branscomb Road. Pass the little mill town of Branscomb. Check odometer when you pass the Branscomb General store with a gas pump on your right (north side of road). Then drive 3.0 miles more to Wilderness Lodge Road. There should be a sign there but the high school kids often steal it. Wilderness Lodge Road dips down from Branscomb Rd., so might be hard to see unless you're looking for it. It's the only paved road turning right (to the north) at that point on Branscomb Road-just as you approach, you cross a fairly subtle bridge marked by a low metal guard rail that crosses Redwood Cr., a trib to the S. Fk. Eel. Turn right (north) on Wilderness Rd, (please keep speed at 20 mph for the neighbors' peace of mind), bear right at one fork at a large redwood tree with signposts on it (staying on the paved road, not taking the unpaved left fork) and follow it until it crosses two bridges. After the large bridge over the S. Fk. River, the pavement will end. Continue, passing a fence studded with abalone shells on your right. The next properties will be the Angelo Coast Range Reserve Headquarters HQ (old wood house on right, now housing), and the new Environmental Science Center on the left. Park near HQ.

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