Beetles collected at the Angelo Reserve during
the Essig Museum Field Trip spring 2003 by Kipling Will



Noteridae: 1sp  
Carabidae 32spp Nebria escsholtzii [predator, rocky shore of streams/rivers]
Scaphinotus (Brennus) interruptus [widespread, molluscavore]
Scaphinotus (Brennus) cristatus [Redwood forest, molluscavore]
Scaphinotus (Neocychrus) longiceps [?Redwood forest, very rare, molluscavore]
Metrius contractus [common, widespread, generalist predator and ?millipede feeder]
Promecognathus laevissimus [common, widespread, millipede specialist]
Notiophilus sylvanicus [forest litter, collembola specialist]
Omus californicus [common, widespread, generalist predator]
Zacotus mathewsi [uncommon this far south, widespread]
Dyschirius sp1 [predator, muddy shore of streams/rivers]
Dyschirius sp2 [predator, muddy shore of streams/rivers]
Schizogenius sp [predator, sandy shore of streams/rivers]
Elaphrus sp [stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp1 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp2 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp3 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp4 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp5 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp6 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Bembidion sp7 [predatory, stream/river shore]
Trechus sp [predator, forest litter]
Stenolophus sp1 [common, wet grassy areas, predatory and seed feeding]
Stenolophus sp2 [common, wet grassy areas, predatory and seed feeding]
Bradycellus sp [common, wet grassy areas, predatory and seed feeding]
Anisodactylyus sp [open areas, predatory and seed feeding]
Brachinus sp [predatory adults, ectoparasitoid of water beetles as larvae, near river]
Pterostichus (Hypherpes) sp1 [predator, forest litter]
Pterostichus (Hypherpes) sp2 [predator, forest litter]
Amara sp [open areas, predatory and seed feeding]
Platynus brunneomargnatus [widespread, generalist]
Anchomenus funibrus [common, widespread in wet habitat, generalist predator]
Lachnophorus elegantulus [common, sandy areas along streams, generalist predator]
Cantharidae 2spp
Cantharis sp1
Cantharis sp2
Georyssidae: 1sp
Elateridae: 5spp
Tenebrionidae: 4spp
Chrysomeliae: 3spp
Buprestidae: 2spp
Staphylinidae: 2spp
Endomychidae: 1sp
Hydrophilidae: 2spp
Mordellidae: 1sp
Meloidae: 1sp  
Scarabaeidae 5spp
Dichelonyx sp1
Dichelonyx sp2
Hoplia callipyge
Onthophagus taurus
Cremastocheila sp
Lucanidae 3spp
Sinodendron rugosum
Platycerus oregonensis
Platycerus agassizi
Amphicynta dentipes
Zarthipis integripennis
Lucidota fenestrialis
Leiodes sp