Appendix 4 - Angelo Coast Range Reserve - Policy for Use of Reserve for Day Hikes

Since 1988, four students have been lost and remained missing overnight on three occasions at the Angelo Reserve. All were recovered safely, but obviously the incidents caused much worry and all-out effort expended in search, by all persons at the Reserve and by local sheriff and search and rescue teams. To avoid these incidents in the future, we have established the following policies for all students and researchers using the reserve, when these people venture more than 60 minutes away by foot from base camps at Wilderness Lodge Meadow or Headquarters:

  1. You must leave a written note recording your itinerary and expected return times for the day in a log at Headquarters or the Fox Creek Lodge, depending on your point of departure.
  2. Newcomers to the Angelo Reserve will not take hikes of more than 2 hours away from the base camp until they have traversed enough of the reserve with experienced users to become oriented.
  3. All users will familiarize themselves with trail maps and the map indicating the direction of river flow relative to the base camps, and how to distinguish Ten Mile Creek from the upper South Fork River. (Both are similar in size, but TM Creek has large transported boulders up to the size of Volkswagens, while SF Eel has fixed bedrock with smaller cobbles and gravels.) Photocopies of these will be made available at HQ and the Fox Cr. Lodge.
  4. Stick to marked trails or the river or streambed unless absolutely necessary for your research. The areas where it is easiest to become disoriented on the reserve are the south margin of Ten Mile Creek, and the top of Black Oak Mountain.
  5. When hiking more than 2 hours from a base camp, try to find a partner to accompany you.
  6. Remain alert for hazards: rattlesnakes, particularly on sun warmed boulders, mountain lions, particularly when you are under overhanging banks or trees, and perhaps most of all, steep and sometimes undercut banks along the deeply incised rivers. You might be bushwhacking towards a channel, and suddenly find yourself further over such an edge than you'd planned.
  7. When you hike more than 1 hour away from vehicle roads or base camps, carry a small survival kit with the following items:

In the event that someone is missing (known to be overdue by several hours, or after dark), please notify Peter Steel and organize into search teams of two or more people. If initial searches are unsuccessful, notify the sheriff's office (see contact below). One person should remain at a telephone to coordinate search efforts and information.

Emergency Contact: phone 911

also, Sgt. Tim Marsh
Seriff's Liaison/Commander
951 Low Gap Road
Ukiah, CA 95482
phone 707-463-4099 (or 911, in extreme emergency)
FAX 707 463-4689