History of California Seminar Series
Sponsored by the California Biodiversity Center


October 20th 2004

A Brief History of a Long Time:
The Past 800 Million Years in the Sierra Nevada

by Connie Millar
Sierra Nevada Research Cente
USDA Forest Service
PSW Research Station
Albany and Lee Vining, California

Powerpoint Presentation

  • Part 1: Early Sierra Nevada (800 – 10 mya): Tectonics & Orogeny
  • Part 2: Early Sierra Nevada (800 – 2.5 mya): Climate
  • Part 3: Quaternary climate (2.5-0mya)
  • Part 4: Century-Millenial patterns
  • Part 5: Decadal patterns

Further Information

December 8th 2004

The Long-Term Human Interactions with the California Environment, with a more focused view on the greater San Francisco Bay.

by Kent Lightfoot
Department of Anthropology,
University of California,
Berkeley, California

Powerpoint Presentation

  • Part 1: Clovis, Eel point and Duncan's Landing
  • Part 2: Kroeber, Ubelake and Population Growth
  • Part 3: Beads, Bowls and Shellmounds

January 26th 2005

The temporal texture of climate variability in western N. America in recent millennia' or 'Why you shouldn't think of climate as a randomly varying external factor.

by Malcolm Hughes
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona


February 9th 2005

Ecological Responses to (Somewhat, Depending on Your Perspective) Long-Term Climate Change.

by Michael Loik
Department of Environmental Studies,
University of California,
Santa Cruz, California


February 16th 2005

Droughts and deluges of California's past millennium

by Scott Stine,
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
California State University East Bay,
Hayward, California

March 2nd 2005

The northern California Coast Ranges over the last 6 My: evolving coastlines, drainages and intermontane valleys driven by plate tectonics

by Harvey Kelsey,
Geology Department,
Humboldt State University
Humboldt, California

Powerpoint Presentation

  • Part 1: The Mendocino Triple Junction and Drainage Evolution
  • Part 2: Drainage Changes
  • Part 3: Intermontane Valleys, Summary and Further Work


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