September 2004 Grassland Newsletter

1) Legislation update

Purple Needlegrass (Nassella pulchra) is the official State Grass of California

CNGA was notified this morning that SB 1226 was signed by Governor Schwartzenegger on Monday, August 23.  Senator Machado's aide explained that Governor Swartsenegger most often signs bills privately but the bill is no less official.  Thank you to each of you for your support

Senator Machado's office issued press releases to both tv and print media.  CNGA sent email announcements to 34 television stations covering the 11 major markets in California.  Please let me know if you saw/heard/read any coverage of the signing. (from
Janice Bridge <>)

2) Recent publications
Gillespie, IG and EB Allen, 2004. Fire and competition in a sourthern California grassland: impacts on the rare forb Erodium macrophyllum. J. Appl. Ecol. 41: 643-652.

Eviner, VT. 2004. Plant traits that influence ecosystem processes vary independently among species. Ecology 85: 2215-2229.

3) Field Trip:
First Annual CNGA High Sierran Meadow Camp-out and Retreat -
Friday-Sunday, September 10-12

David Amme, leader for the First Annual CNGA High Sierran Meadow Camp-out and Retreat is just around the corner . . .September 10 -12.   This is a two night campout.  We will spend Friday and Saturday night at Highland Lakes Camp in the Stanislaus National Forest. This is a self-service drive in camp site with water and toilets.  David recommends that you try to get up to the camp site as early as possible on Friday and claim a camp site.  Cash ($5 and $1) will be needed to claim a camp site and put the money in an envelope for deposit in the "iron pipe" for the Forest Service. David will try to get up to the camp early and claim two or three camp sites just in case.  Bring a Stanislaus National Forest map, your camping gear, a 10X hand lens, the Hitchcock and Jepson Manuals.  You are welcome to bring a friend or family and non-CNGA members are welcome.  It is recommended that you stop on the way up and stock up on fire wood.

       Directions: Highlands Lakes (8720') is The source for the North Fork of the Mokelumne River.  From Angles Camp, take Hwy 4 east into the mountains.  You will travel past Calaveras Big Trees State Park, through Bear Valley, past Lake Alpine, over Pacific Grade Summit, past Hermit Valley, cross the Mokelumne River and start climbing up towards Ebbetts Pass. About 2 miles before the summit take the right turn on a paved Forest Service road (the only one in this neck of the woods).  This road will soon become a well maintained dirt road and descend down to the Mokelumne River. The dirt road will soon begin to climb (with a few steep sections). Approximately 10 miles from the turn off after you past through a series of private cabins you will soon arrive at north Highland Lake. Continue south along the west bank of the lake and you will arrive at Highland Camp on the shore of the south Highland Lake.  The dirt road will accommodate almost any sedan, van, mini-van, mobil house trailer, pickups with trailers, you name it, etc., just steer clear from the occasional rocky spots.

Please email David <> to let him know that you plan to meet him there. 
This informaion is also found on page 6 of the summer 2004 issue of Grasslands