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Friday, April 2 - 150 University Hall, Berkeley, CA.

8:45 – Jeffrey Corbin (UCB).  Welcome and Introduction

Grazing in California grasslands

9:00 – Grey Hayes (Elkhorn Slough) and Karen Holl (UCSC). “The effects of cattle grazing disturbance and the implications for the conservation of native plants in California coastal prairie.”

9:15 – David Amme (CNGA) and Joe Morris (T.O. Cattle Company). “Stewardship grazing: Managing California’s coastal prairie and foothill grasslands on public lands.”

9:30 – Jaymee Marty (TNC). “Managing for diversity in California vernal pool grasslands.”

9:45 – Thomas Mikkelsen and Ray Budzinski (EBRPD) – “East Bay Regional Park District grassland management.”

10:00    BREAK

10:15 – Emilio Laca and Lindsey Brennecke (UCD). “Palatability, selectivity, and forage quality of native perennial grasses.”

10:30 – Liz Mason and Susan Mazer (UCSB) – “Effects of cattle grazing on three native California perennial grass species: seedling growth, reproduction and survival.”

10:45 – Sheila Barry (UC Cooperative Extension). “Opportunities for using livestock to restore and manage California’s native grasslands.”

11:00 – Panel Discussion – Moderator: Carla D’Antonio (UCB and USDA-ARS)


12:00 – 1:30  LUNCH



1:30 – Kevin Rice, John McKay, and John Gerlach (UCD). “Goatgrass and serpentine: A case of rapid evolution?”

1:45 – John McKay and Kevin Rice (UCD). “After the bottleneck: The role of quantitative trait mutation and maternal effects of the adaptive spread of the invasive barbed goatgrass, Aegilops truincialis.

2:00 – Kate Rassbach (UCB). “Ecological genetics of Nassella pulchra in environmental restoration.”

2:15 – Erin Espeland (UCD). “Characterizing forb competition in California grasslands: Implications for plant evolution.”

2:30 – 3:00 BREAK (Move to new room: Dwinelle 145)

145 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley

Plant-soil interactions and nitrogen cycling

3:00 – Valerie Eviner and Charles Vaughn (IES and Hopland Research Center). “Seedling thinning contributes as much to internal N cycling as does decomposition of senesced litter.”

3:15 – Jeffrey Corbin and Carla D’Antonio (UCB). “Nitrogen cycling, leaching and retention in a coastal prairie grassland: importance of vegetation productivity, phenology, and tissue chemistry.”

3:30 – Sophie Parker and Joshua Schimel (UCSB). “The distinct life history traits of grasses influence leaching and microbial immobilization of soil nitrogen.”

3:45 – Katherine Batten and Kate Scow (UCD). “Soil microbial communities associated with an invasive grass negatively impact native plant fitness.”

4:00 – 5:00  Panel Discussion – Moderator: Val Eviner (IES)

5:00 – 6:00  Poster and Pub, 1st floor Valley Life Sciences Building


SATURDAY April 3 - 150 University Hall, Berkeley, CA.

Community ecology and grassland invasibility

9:00 – Meredith Thomsen (UCB) Introduction

9:15 – Megan Lulow and Truman Young (UCD). “Variation in the success of seeded native bunchgrasses in the rangeland foothills of Yolo County: the roles of aspect, Erodium botrys, and soil type.”

9:30 – Kendi Davies, Peter Chesson, Susan Harrison, and Brian Inouye (UCD, FSU). “Scale matters: spatial heterogeneity alters the diversity-invasibility relationship in California serpentine grassland.”

9:45 – Kimberly Reever Morgan and Kevin Rice (UCD). “Centaurea solstitialis invasion success is influenced by Nassella pulchra size.”

10:00 – Eric Seabloom and O.J. Reichmann (NCEAS). “Community complementarity, disturbance, and the restoration of California grasslands.”

10:15    BREAK

10:30 – Chris Divittorio, Jeffrey Corbin, and Carla D’Antonio (UCB). “Patterns of seed rain and seed banks of native and exotic species in a California coastal prairie.”

10:45 – Jan Goerrissen (UCD). “Habitat associations of grassland birds in native and exotic California grasslands.”

11:00 – Carolyn Malmstrom and H. Scott Butterfield (MSU). “Big Brother or Good Buddy? Using remote sensing and a web-based tool to help landowners assess the impact of management activities on rangeland forage dynamics.

11:15 – 12:00 Panel Discussion – Moderator: Meredith Thomsen (UCB)


12:00 - 1:30 LUNCH


Restoration – Evidence of past communities, restoration strategies and case studies.

1:30 – Peter Hopkinson (UCB). “Are East Bay hills grasslands a historical artifact? Phytolith evidence and likely candidates for true East Bay vegetation types.”

1:45 – Dina Robertson and Jaime Bartolome (UCB). “Influence of historic land use and environmental factors on grassland species composition in the southern Diablo foothills of California.

2:00 – Ayzik Solomeshch and Michael Barbour (UCD). “Could California grasslands all have derived from bunchgrass prairie?”

2:15 – John Anderson, Rachael Long, and Sean Kenady (Hedgerow Farms and UC Cooperative Extension). “Using selective herbicides to control Lolium multiflorum and Avena fatua in native grassland    restoration.”

2:30 – Stephen Griffith (USDA-ARS). “Grassland Restoration with Native Perennial Grasses in Yolo County, California.”

2:45 – BREAK

3:00 – Andrea Chadden, Laura Turner and Edyta Dowksza (UCSB). “Adaptive management of southern California grasslands.”

3:15 – Brian Twedt, Paul Reeberg, and Robin Wills (NPS). “Effects of prescribed fire and mechanical shrub removal on coastal grasslands of Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, CA.”

3:30 – Tom Griggs, Dan Efseaff, Helen Swagerty, Ryan Luster, and Joe Silveira (River Partners, TNC, and USFWS). “Native grass restoration in the riparian zone along the Sacramento River.”

3:45 – 4:45   Panel Discussion. Moderator: Joe DiTomaso (UCD)


4:45 – 5:00   Conference summary and concluding remarks – Jeffrey Corbin (UCB)


POSTERS - Friday 5:00-6:00. Refreshments and Snacks 1st Floor, Valley Life Sciences Building.


Joel Abraham, Jeffrey Corbin, and Carla D’Antonio (UCB) – The effects of phenology and seedling competition on regeneration of perennial grasses in California exotic annual grasslands.

Katheryn Amatangelo (Stanford), Jeffrey Dukes (U Mass, Boston), and Christopher Field (Carnegie Institute) – Annual grassland responses to litter manipulation.

Sean Anderson (Stanford University) - The value of phased, experimental designs for California grassland restoration.

James Bartolome (UCB), Barbara Allen-Diaz (UCB), and Randall Jackson (U Wisconsin) – Response of a native perennial grass stand to fire and seasonal livestock grazing in California’s coast range grassland.

Steven Bobzien, Joseph DiDonato, and Amy Bohorquez (EBRPD) – Evaluating pond habitat suitability and the influence of predacious aquatic hexapods on the California tiger salamander (Ambystoma californiense) in the East Bay Regional Park District.

E. Buisson (IMEP, France), E. Corcket (U Bordeaux), T. Dutoit (UMR, France), K. Holl (UCSC)and S. Anderson (Stanford) – How do plant interactions and livestock grazing influence the restoration of native perennial species in degraded grasslands? An intercontinental experiment.

Jessica Groves (NRCS), John Anderson (Hedgerow Farms), and Ed Burns (CA Waterfowl) – Restoring native     grasses on northern Sacramento Valley floodplains.

K. Holl (UCSC) and G. Hayes (Elkhorn Slough) – Restoring the endangered forb Holocarpha macradenia (Santa Cruz sunflower) through managing disturbance regimes and reintroduction.

Bick Hooper (EBRPD) – A physicist’s comments on the scientific literature related to grazing.

Diana Immel (UCD). “Historical and ethnoecological considerations for the ecological restoration of showy Indian clover (Trifolium amoenum; Fabaceae).”

Elizabeth Leger (UCD), Kevin Rice (UCD), and Eric Knapp (USGS) – Effects of cross-pollination with non-local genotypes on the restoration of purple needlegrass in the Sierra foothills.

Ryan Luster and Fred Thomas (TNC) – Weed control techniques for establishing native grasslands in the middle Sacramento River Floodplain, CA.

Katrina Strathmann (GGNRA), Julie Nygard (SFSU), and Lisa Dillon (GGNRA) – Preliminary results of serpentine grassland restoration following tree removal, Presidio of San Francisco.

Sara Sweet and Joseph DiTomaso (UCD) – Refining a restoration tool: minimum requirements of fire to control two invasive exotic annual grasses.

Meredith Thomsen (UCB) – Interactions among elements of resistance to invasion in a California coastal prairie.

Steve Young, Joseph DiTomaso, and Guy Kyser (UCD) – The ability of native plants to prevent weed establishment