October-November 2004 Grassland Newsletter

Recent Publications:
Rahman, Abdullah F. and Gamon, John A. 2004. Detecting biophysical properties of a semi-arid grassland and distinguishing burned from unburned areas with hyperspectral reflectance. Journal of Arid Environments 58: 597-610.

Sanders, Nathan J. 2004. Immediate effects of fire on the invasive Argentine ant, Linepithema humile. Southwestern Naturalist 49: 246-250. 

Job Opportunity:
The East Bay Regional Park District is seeking an individual to serve as its Wildland Vegetation Program Manager. For details, visit http://www.ebparks.org/employ/wldlnd_veg_mangr.htm.

Webpage update:
I have archived past issues of the CA Grassland Newsletter (April through November 2004) at http://cbc.berkeley.edu/grass. You can also look at the abstracts from the 2004 Ecology and Management of California Grasslands Conference.