May 2004 California Grassland Newsletter:

Recent publications:
Fehmi, J.S., K.J. Rice, and E.A. Laca. 2004. Radian dispersion of neighbors and the small-scale competitive impact of two annual grasses on a native perennial grass. Restoration Ecology 12:63-69.

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Baldocchi, D. D., L. Xu, and N. Kiang. 2004. How plant functional type, weather, seasonal drought, and soil physical properties alter water and energy fluxes of an oak-grass savanna and an annual grassland. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 123: 13-39.

Xu, L. and D. D. Baldocchi. 2004. Seasonal variation in carbon dioxide exchange over a Mediterranean annual grassland in California. Agricultural and forest meteorology 123: 79-96.

NRCS - Conservation Innovation Grants due May 28th (Thanks to CNGA)

The Natural Resources Conservation Service has announced a request for proposals for the nationwide Conservation Innovation Grants competition, published in the March 29, 2004 issue of the Federal Register. Applications should demonstrate the use of innovative technologies or innovative approaches, or both, to address a natural resource concern or concerns.

Applications are due May 28, 2004. The five natural resource concerns for possible funding through Conservation Innovation Grants for Fiscal Year 2004 are: Water Resources, Soil Resources, Atmospheric Resources, Grazing Land and Forest Health and Wildlife Habitat.

 Additional information on Conservation Innovation Grants is available on the NRCS Web site at