August 2004 Grassland Newsletter

Recent Publications:

Morgan, JA, DE Pataki, C Korner, H Clark, SJ Del Grosso, JM Grunzweig, AK Knapp, AR Mosier, PCD Newton, PA Niklaus, JB Nippert, RS Nowak, WJ Parton, HW Polley, and MR Shaw. 2004. Water relations in grassland and desert ecosystems exposed to elevated atmospheric CO2. Oecologia 140: 11-25.

Corbin, JD, CM D'Antonio, and SJ Bainbridge. 2004. Tipping the balance in the restoration of native plants: Experimental approaches to changing the exotic:native ratio in California grassland. Pages 154-179 in Gordon and Bartol (eds), Experimental approaches to conservation biology. UC Press.

Finally, you can read my July op-ed piece in the SF Chronicle advocating the Nassella pulchra "State Grass" bill and the Wildland Weeds bill in the California legislature at

-Jeff Corbin