Ecologists at UC Berkeley
Faculty (links to website)
Research area
ESPM:Division of Ecosystem Sciences (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
Barbara Allen-Díaz Rangeland ecosystems  
Dennis Baldocchi Biometeorology  
Reginald Barrett Wildlife ecology
James Bartolome Rangeland ecosystems
John Battles Forest dynamics
Steven Beissinger Conservation biology
Justin Brashares Mammal conservation and ecology
Mary Firestone Soil microbial ecology
Andrew Gutierrez Tritrophic interactions
John Harte (joint position with the Energy & Resources Group Global change ecology
Lynn Huntsinger Resource management
Maggi Kelly Ecosystem change
Joe R. McBride (joint position with Landscape Architecture) Urban forestry and riparian woodland ecology
Dale McCullough Ecology of large mammals
Adina Merenlender Conservation biology
Max Moritz Fire Ecology  
Per Palsbøll Conservation genetics
Whendee Silver Biogeochemistry and tropical ecology Yes
Scott Stephens Wildland fire ecology
ESPM:Division of Organisms and Environment (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
Miguel Altieri Agroecology
Perry de Valpine Mathematical modeling and statistics  
Wayne Getz Population biology and social behavior
Rosemary G. Gillespie Evolutionary ecology
Claire Kremen
Conservation biology, entomology  
Robert Lane Ecology of tick-borne diseases
Nicholas Mills Biological control
Katharine Milton Host-parasite interactions
Alexander Purcell Vector ecology
Vincent Resh Freshwater ecology
George K. Roderick Invasions and conservation biology
Stephen Welter Plant-insect interactions
Integrative Biology (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
David Ackerly Ecology and evolution of plant traits
Cheryl Briggs Population ecology
Todd Dawson Physiological ecology
Walt Koenig Behavioral ecology
Eileen Lacey Behavioral ecology
Charlie Nunn Mammalian evolutionary ecology
Brent Mishler Evolutionary and reproductive ecology of mosses  
Craig Moritz Evolutionary ecology
Zack Powell Ecological modelling
Mary Power River and food web ecology
Ellen Simms Mutualisms and plant-insect interactions
Wayne Sousa Community ecology
Geography (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
Roger Byrne Historical biogeography
Nathan Sayre Rangeland ecology
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
Matt Kondolf River management and restoration  
Plant and Microbial Biology (click here for infomation on graduate admissions)
Tom Bruns Fungal Ecology and Evolution  

Organized by subject area

Population &
Community Ecology
Wayne Sousa
Ellen Simms

Mary Power
Katharine Milton
Cheryl Briggs
Stephen Welter
Wayne Getz
Nicholas Mills
Dale McCullough
Andrew Gutierrez,
Mary Firestone
Steven Beissinger
Wildlife &
Conservation Biology
George K. Roderick
Per Palsbøll
Wayne Getz
Adina Merenlender
Justin Brashares
Katharine Milton
Steven Beissinger
Reginald Barrett
Claire Kremen
Rangeland and Forest
Ecology & Management
Nathan Sayre
Scott Stephens
Joe R. McBride,

Maggi Kelly
John Battles
James Bartolome

Barbara Allen-Díaz
Whendee Silver
Evolutionary &
Behavioral Ecology
Craig Moritz
Charlie Nunn
Steven Beissinger
Brent Mishler
Rosemary G. Gillespie
Eileen Lacey
Walt Koenig
Dale McCullough
David Ackerly
Disease Ecology Cheryl Briggs
Katharine Milton
Wayne Getz
Maggi Kelly
Robert Lane
Charlie Nunn
Ecological Modelling Zack Powell
Cheryl Briggs
Perry de Valpine
Wayne Getz
Andrew Gutierrez
John Harte
Steven Beissinger
Agro-Ecology & Biocontrol
Alexander Purcell
Andrew Gutierrez
Nicholas Mills
Stephen Welter
Miguel Altieri
River and Freshwater
Ecology & Management
Matt Kondolf Mary Power Vincent Resh
Biogeography, Landscape Ecology and Global Change Roger Byrne
Maggi Kelly
Lynn Huntsinger
Max Moritz
John Harte
Claire Kremen
Physiological Ecology & Biogeochemistry Todd Dawson
Dennis Baldocchi
Whendee Silver David Ackerly
GIS & Remote Sensing Maggi Kelly Max Moritz