CBC Supported Projects in 2007

 Berkeley Biokeys (January 2007 and ongoing)

Berkeley BioKeys is a web-based tool that non-scientists can use to identify plants and Ecological Floraanimals found in the reserves of the University of California and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley BioKeys is a collaboration of the CBC, the Exploring California Biodiversity (GK12) project, and the Berkeley Natural History Museums at the University of California, Berkeley.

The initial phase of the project, which is now completed and online, includes a key for identifying insects to order, spiders to family, and woody plants to family and in some cases to species.

Ecological flora of California (2007 and ongoing)

Ecological FloraIn 2006 CBC provided further support for the Ecological Flora of California (EFCal). This is a new component of the Jepson Flora Project that will provide ecological information on the California flora. EFCal will serve as a comprehensive database of ecological characteristics including life history, phenology, morphology and other traits for the California flora. CBC provided partial support for 2 months of salary for a post-doc to refine the database architecture and supervise the entry of data sets.
Click here for a 2007 report on the results of the CBC support.