CBC Supported Projects in 2001

U.C. Botanical Garden Retreat (April 2001)

Attended by faculty and researchers in Integrative Biology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Anthropology/Archaeology, and Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Attendees made brief presentations of their own work and discussed plans for collaborations that could be fostered by the CBC.

CBC/Berkeley Natural History Museum Public Lecture Series (2001)

The CBC co-sponsored, with the Berkeley Natural History Museums, a Public Lecture Series at U.C. Berkeley in 2001. Speakers were:

  • Dr. Graham Chisholm, Director of the California Nature Conservancy,
  • Prof. Kent Lightfoot, an archaeologist at Berkeley who studies Native Californians, particularly coastal cultures
  • Prof. Matteo Garbelotto, a Berkeley forest pathologist and leading expert on Sudden Oak Death.

The CBC also co-hosted, with the BNHMs, a public open house for KQED, to complement the recent television series on Evolution, with displays and discussions that introduced the public to opportunities and resources at the Museums and Field Stations.